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Rowan Blanchard attends the Calvin Klein Collection during New York Fashion Week at New York Stock Exchange on February 13, 2018 in New York City. Check out!

And also i added the portrait:

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On February 10, Rowan Blanchard attend the Proenza Schouler Fragrance Party, fall winter 2018 during New York Fashion Week. Check out!

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Rowan was the cover of the March/April issue of the Seventeen USA! I added the shoot and magazine scans to our gallery and also i added the video of rowan answering questions with Storm Reid, plus you can read Rowan’ interview for the magazine below!


Magazine Scans

Rowan Blanchard became famous as the star of The Disney Channel series Girl Meets World, but now, in addition to starring in the upcoming epic A Wrinkle in Time (in theaters March 9), she’s making a serious name for herself as an author (her book, Still Here, hits shelves on February 20), an activist (check out her inspiring speech at last year’s Women’s March in LA), and a champion for awareness and equality via her social media channels.

Even with all of that going on, the 16-year-old is most interested in one role: being a regular teen. In an interview for Seventeen’s March/April cover story, she opened up about graduating from Girl Meets World, conquering self-esteem struggles, and staying optimistic about the future. Here’s a sneak peek:

On self-expression: “I’ve always been really nervous about adults calling me pretentious or saying that whatever I was doing was dramatic. I think that’s a really interesting word that we put on teenagers: dramatic. People are always saying our feelings are over-the-top, or they’ll say, ‘They’re just being teenagers.’ But we forget that when you’re a teenager, everything is literally happening for the first time. Growing up is dramatic! It’s emotional, it’s sad, and it’s really amazing. I think it’s such a rare and sacred point in somebody’s life when they’re willing to wear their heart so openly on their sleeve.”

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Rowan Blanchard attend Women’s March Los Angeles 2018 on January 20, in Los Angeles. Check them out now!!

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Rowan Blanchard attends the 2018 InStyle and Warner Bros. 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards Post-Party at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 7, in Beverly Hills. Check them out now!!

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Rowan Blanchard at CHANEL Dinner Celebrating Lucia Pica & The Travel Diary Makeup Collection. Check out!